“Henri Cartier-Bresson was a French photographer considered to be the father of photojournalism. He was the master of candid photography. He helped develop the street photography or life reportage style that was coined The Decisive Moment.” wikipedia

As far as I can remember pictures of moments were always my favorite. As a child I would spent hours looking through my father’s film contact sheets from a vacation or trips to the river. Carefully looking through the magnifying loupe for those images that were full of emotion, fun, attitude, gestures or an abstract likeness of something we’ve done.

Henri Cartier-Bresson gave it a name and brought it to light. But I like to think that liking this type of images its an innate part of our human psyche. To be drawn seeing life in action or moments we can remember or relate to abstractly. Maybe that is why we love movies so much. There are no movies of someone smiling at the camera without any sort story of emotion being told.

When it comes to my style of wedding photography and although most of photos I take on a wedding day are fairly traditional or portrait oriented. I am still strongly attracted to those images that capture a moment in time. An emotion, a gesture, a memory being created, an in-between moment. Its takes patience and relentlessness to capture them, which is why if you see me working a wedding you will see me constantly observing with the camera up to my eyes ready to shoot. Although it may take practice and training to see and capture this things I believe at least for me its the way I always seen the world even before I started to capture it with my camera.

Photo journalist style photography needs to be done closely to its subjects. To feel close and intimate you must be close and intimate. People must learn to trust you and to trust that you are capturing something meaningful and allow you to do it. Sometimes I fear that most people want cheesy pictures in front of monuments or smiling at the camera with their usual camera smile and pose. But the more I hear from people who connect with what I do I believe that most people too love this kind of photography. They may not understand why or the technical or aesthetic components behind it but they love what it implies and how it makes them feel.

That is the power of photography. To allow someone to feel something from an image they see. To connect or to envision something about a life that they long for, want, or identify with. Imagine how powerful it is to see those same images of our selves, of the people and the moments of our lives. Imagine seeing them in 5, 10, 20 years from today. This is why I love my job. This is why I love photography and this is why I love capturing the in between moments of life.

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Looking back through Karen and Mike’s wedding images I can not help myself but to get all giddy about these two. They remind me of why I am so blessed to do what I do and why I love it so much. Their wedding day was incredibly celebration of love, friends and family, what else could you ask for.

I have a confession to make when it comes to wedding photography, I have what even I think sometimes could be too much of an apathy concerning my couples having fun rather than making their weddings all about me and the photography.
Yes, I definitely consider myself as a photographer a very important part of a wedding day but truly mostly because I can capture a story that happens in one day. A story that happens and its not rehearsed or posed, I story that its been brewing for decades if not centuries. I believe pictures should be an extension of the couple and what is important to them. Time and time again a cringe when I see photographers turn weddings into photo shoots.

So, when Karen first told that they wanted to have fun and enjoy the day in some great Florida weather, specially since they were experiencing that rough Norther winter we just went through. Plus she added how much she loved my style of work and that she just wanted me to tell her story I just knew I had to make this wedding happen for me. Thank God they felt the same way too. They were plenty of portraits photographed the point being is that I believe the special moments where people are loving each other and enjoying their celebration are unique and special and they only happen when you allow people to have them.

Karen and Mike live in New York where they run a successful Design, Illustration and screen printing business called TwoArms , Definitely! check them out.
Their wedding day started with a quick rain shower for good luck and the day was just blue skies and sunny. From the very start of the day it all felt calm and happy never through out the day it felt rushed at all. Karen and Mike could not have been more gracious and lovely. As we did the first look I got to see them together for the first time. As they locked at one another, as Karen cried for a moment and Mike held his tears. I really get a good sense of why God brought this two together. They met here in Orlando and separately venture to New York. that alone takes guts and its the make of special people. Many want to but few do. In New York they re-meet and begging what is now a great love and business partnership. They are definitely blessed and talented but you can see how blessed they make those around them too and vise-versa of course.

Their ceremony was super intimate as one of Mike’s groomsman was the officiant. They laughed and cried and they were wed. The formal portraits were short and sweet but their cocktail hour was nice and long. They mingle, laughed and spent time with everyone. During reception you really got to see their personalities shine. They kept things minimal as good designer usually do with only a first dance that was performed more like a party song and with only a cake cutting and few toast from their friends and family the remaining of the night was just an incredible party. Their taste for music was fun and infectious as I caught myself screening a few times behind the camera to the lyrics to a song at the top of my lungs and I even dance a little salsa (the best I could ) with the bride’s mother.

I know Karen and Mike have a life time full of love, fun, dance and screen print ahead of them… Recently they got back from what I would refer to as an epic honeymoon, or “The way its done” They travel through Asia for what it seemed like for ever. But, good for them. That is the kind of people they are and I am so grateful to know them and to have photographed their wedding….

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ACME Brand Studio is a creative collaboration between Shannon Hallare , Sean Brunson and Tim Fisher who worked together for years and decided to venture out to start a company that shared their passion for branding and for life. Their goal is to connect with their clients and with each other. To pursue the work they love doing and to have the freedom to enjoy life and the work they create. Basically, The New American Dream!

When Sean asked me to take the corporate photos for the ACME team, he kept referring to the photos I’ve done for the Traveling One show. They didn’t want to do anything corporate or traditional . When he said “do whatever you want, we trust you” …well, like they said in Jerry Maguire, “you had me at hello”

We spent a couple of hours in the Orlando Downtown industrial areas. We talk, joked around and look for cool locations to take pictures at. I wanted to capture them as organically as possible. To let them interact in a as much of an uncontrolled setting possible trying to reflect the vibe of their company vision.
We grab a few  beers afterwards and talked for a couple of hours. I was inspired by; Their vision for their business as a unit and as a sum of its parts. Their personal journeys that played a roll in their venture and coming together. The mix of talents that complemented each other. They seems as the perfect fit for each other.

You can feel a youthful like energy around them and I am glad to partake on it somehow.

Part of their mission statement…
“ACME stands for innovation, creativity, fun and most importantly, honesty. We love art and its power in helping to establish own-able and unique positions that separate brands from their competition. Brands need heroes, champions. We accept.”



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  1. sean brunson   (May 29, 2014 )  :  

    Big, big thanks Gian! Once again I’m blown away with your mad skills. You are the man. Looking forward to rocking it with you again soon. Next time with better talent :-)