ME… There are only a few things that truly define who we are. For me, it is simple: women! My valiant mother, my supportive and loving wife, my beautiful and life altering daughter, and other women in my life. My sister, my aunt. my cousins.

Marriage was never something I considered doing. Years later, I met my wife. I tried to resist it but faith, and God had other plans. It was the simply the luckiest day of my life.

During our own wedding I fell in love with wedding story-telling. Photography connected with me strongly for the first time since I had left it behind years before. Thanks to my wife who believed in my dreams more than I did myself. For this and much more I owe everything to my wife. Four years later we have a wonderful life together, a beautiful little girl and thank God a prospering business.

Hi! My name is Gian Carlo, but you can call me GC. I want to create a story that is personal and unique. By capturing the priceless and fleeing moments and emotions of the day. It is my mission to create a collection of memorable images of this chapter in your life. Images that you will always have to remember, cherish and pass down for generations to come.

MY VISION… My vision is simple; I want to tell a wedding day story made of emotions, connections, old friendships and new beginnings. This is not necessarily a story of flowers bought or cake eaten but its rather a story that connects everyone involved, a story of family and love.
I love working with couples that take time away from the chaos of the day. Couples who enjoy one another more than anything, who can be playful and who are willing to experiment and work together to create art.
In order to produce great images I need most of all the time and trust. Time alone and with my couples to be creative. Trust in my vision for how your story could be told. Restrictions with time, shot list will not render images as compelling as one would come to expect from me. With this simple formula we can not fail. I will be there to help, I will be a friend and I will give plenty of room to enjoy the day.

Views on Life and Work
  • Sometimes you just need to eat dessert first.
  • I believe in love and I believe marriage is the greatest gift bestowed on humanity. It is pure, simple and the greatest choice we are entitled to make.
  • Jump! Run! Throw! :)
  • Any day of the week, I would trade a mansion or a fancy car for more stamps in my passport. I love seeing new places and meeting new people.
  • The party will always wait for you, it is your day after all.
  • I do not follow a formula for my photography. I just follow your story along with my vision as a story teller and image maker.
  • You really can't call someone a friend until you sit down and share some coffee, a drink or a meal together.
  • The best weddings are always simple, intimate, tastefully decorated and shared with families and only the best of friends. There is LOTS and LOTS of time to relax, play, celebrate and enjoy.
  • I trust my instincts. I can feel them each time in my gut and my lens chases after it .
  • I learned something new about love every time I see a wedding through my lens.
  • I want to be more than just a guy with a camera taking a bunch of snap shots of those in attendance smiling predictably at the camera.