I decided to make this assignment a bit more personal. It just worked out that way and I find it fitting that way. I have not decided if I would ever share this with the world.

This is my mom, she is a woman in her sixties, she lives alone, has been divorce twice and still works a full time job selling timeshare. The one thing she hates more than working is her job. But, she is really good at it and has been able to support herself and my little sister through college and veterinarian school.

Less than a year ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to have a full Mastectomy in order to save her life. She accepted this with the courage that anyone who is faced with such a situation has to have. Thankfully she is recovered well and as of today  is is cancer free. If you know anything about cancer is that once you had it you have to constantly continue to be checked for recurring kinds. So, I value the minutes I spend with mom more than I ever have. I love our long and intense conversations on the phone, as my wife will say. “what the hell do you guys have so much to talk about” But we do, mostly about same old shit, family shit, nothing, some kind of philosophy or other chatter.

Being busy with my life has really limited the time I can spend with all my love ones., Thankfully my mother is healthy and comes to visit and stays with us twice a week on most weeks. But I usually take advantage to work as she spends time with the kids. So, this morning when I went to surprise her and also help her take care of some stuff she needed was beyond amazing. I am grateful to The Parsons for this class beyond anything I can change in my business and my work as a photographer. It has reawaken me to be aware of the time I have in this earth and to be aware to spend it right.

Event though I mentioned to her I was sopping by she had forgotten and I scared her a bit. I do wish I had stopped by a bit earlier since she was already up and I missed her ritual prayers and making of her bed. :(
As you will be able to see my mother and I are quite comfortable with one another. She never even bother to put on pants while I was there. I never told her that I was gonna be taking pictures for anything in particular so its good to she is used to me carrying my camera and photographing the family.

We talked and I told her that I was her to out and take care of the chores she needed me to help her with but to go ahead and just do her regular morning routine. Even though my motive was to document her life in an honest way it really turned out to be one of the nicest mornings I ever spent with mom.

This is a bit explicit post hence me making it private to be shared with you guys till Monday only.  I know it is a wild topic even for this class and if it offends anyone, I am sorry. But I wanted to document a morning in the life of the most amazing woman I know. My mother. The woman who protected me to no end growing up. The woman who left a man I call a father when I was 1 year old because he was no good. The woman who refused to leave me behind when her boyfriend who became my step father asked her to come to the USA for a better life and promised to return to get me once they were settled and who later rather risk it all and travel through some Mexican desert to reach a promised land. The stories are endless but I wanted to touch the tip of the iceberg to clarify it a bit.

This is my mother, my hero, my love, my heart. An incredibly gift from God.



Her reaction as she was coming out of her room as I was walking in.


Lime with water, another of her many morning rituals


Always getting bruised up trying to get some shit done herself or being clumsy and bumping into shit


She hides that middle finger that she stuck into a coffee grinder of all things when she was a small child and it healed deformed. Luckily it made its way in this shot while making coffee ironically.


A book she started for me a while ago of sayings that her mother and grandmother used to say… priceless.


A painting I started a long time ago when I was in college and got int o Oil painting but I never finished it. Sh still hangs it proudly and everytime she moves it goes with her.


Coffee is our addiction and we do it so well together.


Keeping it real and eating on the couch


her battle wounds…


She talks with her hands and makes lots of expressions and hesitantly let me take a picture of her mastectomy scars




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